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What Senior Living Residents Wish They Knew Before the Move

Sometimes, insight into others’ positive experiences can help us feel confident in our decisions—especially when it comes to moving into a senior community. Did you know that many senior living residents wish they had moved to a community sooner? From low-stress living to financial security, senior living offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the most common realities of community life that residents wish they had known before the move.    

Low-Stress Living is Achievable

Imagine a maintenance-free, low-stress lifestyle that enables you to fill your time with what matters most. Many senior communities offer services and amenities that support this ideal way of life, including:

  • Managing home maintenance tasks. From mowing the lawn to cleaning the gutters, and beyond, senior communities have maintenance teams to handle these tasks. 
  • Completing repairs on your behalf. Home repairs can be tedious. Most senior communities offer an on-call maintenance team available to help with emergencies or regular repairs. 
  • Security concerns. Safety and security are of the utmost importance. Many communities offer a 24-hour security and emergency call system to keep you safe and provide peace of mind.
  • On-site dining venues. Whether you need to get groceries, don’t feel like cooking, or simply want to treat yourself, on-site dining venues keep delicious, nutritious food conveniently close by. 

In addition to relieving the stress of home maintenance, in most cases, all of these perks are factored into your monthly fee, helping you consolidate expenses and budget more efficiently.

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do

Do you think that there’s nothing to do in a senior community? Think again! Many residents are delighted to discover that senior communities have endless things to do and people to meet. Senior communities offer numerous activities, events, and social clubs to keep your calendar and heart full. You are free to do as much (or as little) as you’d like. Check your community calendar for upcoming events. Holiday celebrations and seasonal festivities, educational lectures, art classes, and more are just some of the things that are available at Oak Trace. 

In addition to community activities, there are various social clubs you can join: book clubs, billiards leagues, walking groups, and more. If you don’t see a club that interests you, you can always start your own. 

“At Oak Trace, you walk down the hall and you see people and you talk to them, and you have friends.” — Dave Humphreys, Oak Trace

Financial Security Offers Peace of Mind 

Many move to a senior living community because of the financial peace of mind that community life provides. Life Care communities make it easy to plan for and prioritize your long-term healthcare and financial needs. These communities offer multiple levels of care provided by supportive team members who are dedicated to your health and happiness—all at a predictable monthly rate. You can rest assured that if your care needs change, your finances and healthcare are accounted for—enabling you to truly settle into living the good life. 

Self-Care is a Priority

You may be surprised to learn that there’s no better place to prioritize your well-being than at a senior community. It’s something that many residents wish they had known beforehand because they would have been able to take charge of their health and wellness much sooner. Here are a few ways that you can prioritize self-care in a senior community: 

  • Chef-prepared meals fuel your body. Nutritious, delicious, readily available meals enable you to eat a balanced diet without worrying about grocery shopping and cooking. 
  • Staying active is accessible and fun. Whether you want to join a walking club, workout routine at the fitness center, or take a group exercise class, there are plenty of ways to stay active in a senior community. Plus, you don’t have to leave your community to get your daily dose of endorphins.
  • Health advice is easily accessible. From custom wellness plans to professionally-led exercise classes, and more, getting guidance from the experts makes it easy to improve your health. 
  • Community culture promotes well-being. Living a healthy lifestyle is much easier when your community culture promotes it. Plus, building relationships with like-minded peers can encourage you to stay active and promote mental health. 

Find Out More About Community Living at Oak Trace

Moving to a senior living community isn’t just about finding a new home—it gives you a chance to explore your passions, build meaningful connections, and enjoy a life of continued purpose and enrichment. If you’re considering a change, we extend a warm invitation to explore Oak Trace. Contact us today to attend one of our events or schedule a tour with one of our team members.

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