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Checklist for Moving a Parent or Loved One to Memory Care

You’ve made the tough decision to move your parent or loved one to memory care. You researched senior care living communities, toured the grounds and met the staff. You’re confident your parent or loved one will receive the best quality care. Still, as moving day looms closer you may be apprehensive: “How will your parent or loved one react on the day?” “What if I forget something essential?”  To help create a low-stress moving day experience, we’ve developed a checklist to keep you organized.   

Work with Community Staff 

Step one of executing a seamless moving day is to work with the memory care community’s team throughout the process. Reach out to a team member for help coordinating your move. In addition, if you think your parent will need special medical needs during the move, you can work with the community’s memory care physicians and nurses who are specially trained to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Create a Comforting Environment

While creating a plan, you’ll need to consider how to establish a comforting environment for your  loved one, as moving may cause a disruption to their everyday routine. 

Some individuals like to bring their loved one in frequently before moving day so they become familiar with the community, staff and their room. Others prefer to have their parent stay with another family member or loved one as their belongings are packed up  so that the parent does not experience the stress of move-in day.

If you know your loved one’s mood or behavior is better during a certain time of day, try to schedule moving during that time. For example, most seniors with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are more amicable in the morning, so that may be the best time for the move. Do your best to make your parent’s or loved one’s move as comfortable as possible. 

Make the New Place Feel Like Home 

Adding personalized touches to your parent’s new apartment can also bring them a sense of comfort. Decorate their new home with meaningful possessions. A cherished blanket or cozy chair will give them a sense of  familiarity and security in their new surroundings.

Don’t forget to hang pictures of family and friends in the apartment too. Seeing smiling faces of loved ones can help a memory care resident remember past experiences. Spraying calming scents like lavender or playing favorite songs can also make a new place feel like home.

Encourage Social Interactions

Many memory care communities host move-in day activities to make it easier for new members to meet their neighbors and team members. Encourage your parent to join these community events. It will be a welcome distraction from the stress of moving and help your parent feel more at ease. 

Explore Memory Care Options at Oak Trace

At Oak Trace we support families and their caregivers. When the time comes to elevate your loved one’s care, look to Oak Trace to provide a safe and welcoming community.  We would love to further discuss our memory care options with you. Contact us to learn more.

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