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Oak Trace Senior Living in Downers Grove Honored with the First Leaders’ Cup Award

“Being a huge hockey fan, when I received the trophy, I held it like the Stanley Cup and kissed it. To have this honor bestowed upon us exemplifies how the team at Oak Trace feels about each other and made me very proud,” said Dan Harrington.

The Executive Director of Oak Trace accepted, on behalf of the senior living community in Downers Grove, the first Leaders’ Cup awarded to a Lifespace Community. This recognition honors the highest percentage of team members contributing to The Lifespace Foundation. Oak Trace is one of 17 Lifespace senior living communities across the country.

Lisa Dagher, Director of Gift Planning for the Lifespace Foundation, explained that the 501 (c) 3 charity was launched in 1992 to support the health and well-being of the residents and staff of Lifespace Communities.

The primary initiatives supported by the Lifespace Foundation are life enhancements for above-and-beyond capital and programming projects, benevolent care that guarantees a home for life for the residents if they outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own, scholarships for team members, an end-of-the-year appreciation fund for the qualifying staff, and financial assistance for team members experiencing emergencies. The funds come predominantly from resident donors and team members, and money raised at Oak Trace remains within Oak Trace.

The residents of Oak Trace who donate to the Foundation are well-known for their generosity and appreciation of the staff. Having the staff increasingly donate to the fund as well, is especially heartwarming. “I’m so proud our team recognizes that they are an important part of the Oak Trace family,” said Dan.

Lisa said this is the first year this Leader Cup honoring Oak Trace for its team’s generosity was recognized. Dan added that it surely won’t be the last. He’s ensuring that the trophy is obviously in view for video calls with the other Lifespace Communities. “The Executive Directors at all the Lifespace Communities are a little bit competitive,” he said.

“This trophy will inspire participation for the years ahead of us,” said Dan. “Oak Trace has got this prized award, and we’re not giving it back. And our family will continue to benefit from the community’s generosity.”

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