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How Seniors Are Making New Connections Virtually

The use of technology to stay connected is on the rise among older adults—and for good reason. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets make long-distance communication, or indulging in niche interests, as simple as downloading an application or pressing a few buttons on a screen. 

Whether you’re living away from close family or are looking for new ways to find friends in your peer group, the virtual world has a lot to offer the 65+ community. Let’s take a closer look. 

New Ways to Connect With Technology

From video calls with grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the latest news updates, smartphones and tablets can help promote your overall well-being in a variety of ways. 

Finding Like-Minded People Online

Using the internet to find friends, potential partners, and contemporaries is popular now among every age group. There are many apps and websites that are even specially designed for seniors to cultivate new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

From online forums for nearly every hobby under the sun to Facebook groups that unite people with similar interests to online dating sites, building quality relationships is easier than ever. 

Consider joining (or starting) a virtual book club, signing up for a virtual event, or attending a live-streamed concert or show from the comfort of your home. Want to make it even more interactive? Plan to attend the same virtual show with a friend or grandchild living far away and schedule some time for a video call meet-up beforehand to catch up. 

Pursuing Fulfilling Work

While one of the biggest allures of retirement is the ability to put the daily grind behind you, that doesn’t have to mean walking away from work or community involvement. In fact, the virtual world can make finding new opportunities simple and straightforward. 

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, consider joining local chapters of your favorite charities and non-profit organizations on social media, or use the internet to set up a volunteer event to spend time giving back to something you’re passionate about. 

For those who find fulfillment in part-time work, job-finding websites and freelancing communities can also provide a range of opportunities you may not have considered. 

Continuous Learning

Now is the time to indulge all of your lifelong curiosities, pick up new hobbies, and learn all the things you’ve been putting off until now. The virtual world has made this easier than ever, with continuous learning opportunities now available from the comforts of home. From video courses hosted on YouTube or on the websites of various educational institutions, there are limitless opportunities to satisfy the lifelong learner in you. 

Make New Connections at Oak Trace

Technology can be a wonderful tool to help cultivate meaningful friendships at any stage in life, but it’s not the only way. For many seniors, the sense of community and ease of connection available at independent living communities like Oak Trace lay a wonderful foundation for staying socially robust

Choose from one of over 45 different social clubs with your fellow residents, find like-minded peers by attending seasonal events hosted by Oak Trace, or bond with others while utilizing one of our many amenities like the salon, woodworking shop, or library. Ready to learn more about independent living in Downers Grove? Schedule a tour today.

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