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How to Support Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers

Medical professionals often refer to Alzheimer’s as a family diagnosis. This isn’t because the disease is contagious, but instead because the whole family suffers from the illness. Alzheimer’s gradually breaks down the parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language of a person until full-time care becomes necessary. Until that time, family and …

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Helping Hands Pause to Help PAWS

The loud sounds of saws and sanders could be heard outside the wood shop at Oak Trace earlier this year. Inside, resident Richard Haffner was constructing a doghouse that would soon become a site to bring residents and team members together to help local pets in need. Haffner put finishing touches on the large contraption …

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New Initiative Brought Goats to Oak Trace

For five days in August, residents and guests noticed some unusual landscapers at the community. To help control invasive buckthorn shrub that had sprouted around the community, 40 goats provided a natural alternative to chemicals and other unsustainable methods of vegetation management. Buckthorn is known as the invasion weed and is considered so dangerous in disrupting ecosystems, …

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