On-Site Dialysis Care in Downers Grove, Illinois

Smarter services working harder for you.

At Oak Trace in Downers Grove, IL, we always work to make life easier, more fulfilling and better connected. For residents in short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and assisted living, our on-site inpatient dialysis services offer a distinct and convenient advantage.

It’s a chance to find comfort and consistency in a place you call home. Rather than searching all around the Chicago suburbs for an unknown nursing home with dialysis, Oak Trace offers this service with a deeper understanding of your needs and preferences.

Beyond that, Oak Trace’s Health & Wellness Center supports a richer community experience with services and amenities such as in-house dietitian consultation, chef-prepared meals, lab services, results monitoring and more.

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When a person experiences either temporary or permanent kidney failure, dialysis, or hemodialysis, is used to remove waste and impurities from the blood.