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The anticipation for our new expansion has been building, and it’s almost here. As a valued early depositor, we’re committed to keeping you informed during this exciting project.



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Some of the amazing new floorplans coming to Oak Trace

Schedule Questions

  • Current depositor selections of apartments: May 2021
  • Restart pre-sales of redevelopment project: June
  • Complete design drawings: Fall 2021
  • Permitting: October 2021 – February 2022
  • Acceptance of GC contract: January 2022
  • Construction of redevelopment project: Q1 2022 – November 2023

Oak Trace will begin pre-sales of the redevelopment in June 2021. As a current depositor, you have first rights to select your residence of choice. If you’re uncomfortable selecting a residence when we meet this month, we will ask for a 48-hour commitment to reply back. This allows us the opportunity to serve all depositors in the selection process.

Q2/Q3 of 2022 at the earliest for personalizations.

Spaces will be assigned at time of personalization.

Design Questions

Yes, on all but one wing of the first floor, storage is on each floor where the residences are located. The storage unit will be 3’ wide x 4’ deep x 7’-6” high.

No, these can be added as a customization if requested, free of charge.

The stove/ovens will be electric.

While our building will meet all required building codes, the structure is comprised of non-combustible materials with code required fire rating. We will be asking our architect to join us at a social event to share more (we will be sure to communicate via email as well); the building will be fully equipped with a sprinkler system.

Comfort height (taller than average product); this is usually 17” – 19” from ground to top of seat.

Yes, each mechanical unit in the apartment will included a thermostat to control the temperature within the apartment.

We will not know this answer until farther along in the design process.

Demising walls between apartments include multiple layers of gypsum wall board on metal studs and acoustic insulation designed to meet industry standards for noise and vibration separation.

In general, the ceiling heights in the living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas within the apartments will be 9’4” to 9’6” high; the closets, bathrooms and kitchens are 8’0” high. Dens are specific to the actual choice of residence, though most dens will be 9’4” to 9’6” high.

First floor apartments, on top of the garage, will be post-tensioned cast-in-place concrete. Elevated floors will be an assembly of metal joists, metal decking, gypsum concrete, and gypsum wall board. There will also be acoustical insulation and sound attenuation units.

This is actively being studied by the design team. There are a number of measures which will be taken to ensure a healthy environment for our residents. As more information has been confirmed, we will share details with this group.

Yes, there will be windowsills in each of the apartment windows. The material/size has not been determined to date.

The windowsills will be 2’-0” above the finished floor.

The railings will be see-through.

Yes. The HVAC system draws fresh air into each apartment from the exterior wall.

Each apartment will include a thermostat.

HVAC unit selection will be determined in the coming months

The building is fully sprinklered and the structure is comprised of non-combustible materials with code required fire ratings.

The range will be electric.

The terrace space located in between the Independent Living apartment wings is a patio area that can be used by all residents. There will be elevated planters surrounding the terrace to provide some separation between the terrace and apartments. Each of the exterior walls includes insulation and gypsum board to provide some acoustical properties.

Specific dimensional information will be supplied as the design work continues this year.

These will be created as part of next design phase in the coming months.

The washer and dryers will be standard size, stackable washers and dryers.  Dimensions and cut sheets will be provided later in the design phase. Some apartments will have side-by-side configurations.

Yes. There are different island sizes with cabinets.

The majority of the apartments will have 36″ high apartment counters. Upper cabinets are typically 36″ tall. Accessible/Adaptable apartments will have 34″ high apartment counters.

There are 4 total elevators which can be accessed by the residents. The two elevators closest to the commons area are freight “service” sized but are accessible to the residents. The ones in the center of the apartment wings are passenger sized and are accessible to the residents.

That space is a stairwell that runs from the parking garage to the fifth floor.

Each wing will have a trash collection room/chute located adjacent to the lobby at the mid-point.

With the exception of the first floor/north wing, storage lockers for apartments on any floor will be located opposite of the east elevator lobby closest to the commons elevators (not in the central area). Lockers for the first floor/north wing will be located in the garage level below.

Yes, the landscape/site plan is oriented as plan north (up). This will be added to the marketing plans moving forward.

Yes, there are (4) elevators that will service the independent living apartments that run from the garage to the 5th floor.

Yes, there are accessible spaces in the underground parking garage.

Yes, wall assemblies surrounding vertical circulation will have acoustical insulation that meets local building code and accepted industry standards.

The northern most end of the apartment wing to the northern drive is approximately 110 feet.

The southern-most end of the apartment wing to the southern road (main entrance) is approximately 100 feet.

The closest distance between the two wings is 75 feet (closest to the common areas). The furthest distance between the wings is roughly 240 feet.

The distance between the end of the wings and the N/S road connecting the garage entries is approximately 35 feet. The distance between the ends of the wings to Fairview is approximately 300 feet.

Some apartments will be elevated just above adjacent grade and will have railings.

The design is in the early stages, but exterior amenities will be determined in the coming months.

Each of the lobbies will include an elevator, some back of house infrastructure (electrical, data closets, housekeeping closet, trach chutes) and a small elevator lobby. The lobbies at the first floor of the independent living wings will either open onto the landscaped central courtyard, or onto a shared-use terrace which will also overlook a portion of parking garage roof. This only occurs at the first floor. There will be planters located in between the apartment and the terrace to provide some separation to the surrounding apartments. The center of the lobby area will have a lot of glass to provide natural daylighting into the corridors and provide views into the exterior landscaped areas.

The marketing plans indicate dimensions from inside faces of the wall in any room. The overall square footages include the corridor walls, half of the demising walls separating apartments and the majority of the exterior walls. This is the industry standard for measuring apartments.

Kitchen detailing is still in process.

The pantries are millwork and will have cabinet doors which open onto the kitchen island.

Yes, there will be a weather-resistant duplex outlet.

HVAC units will be located in an enclosure within the apartment. The building will have centralized hot water heaters located in the basement of the building.

Yes, in accordance with accepted industry standard practice.

It would depend on the size of the chair, but it will be 34″ wide, so that is plenty of room for most shower chairs.

The washer and dryer are typical appliance sizes and should be able to handle king sized sheets.

There will be outlets included on the sides of the islands.

There will be recessed can lighting in the common areas (kitchen, dining room, living room). The bedrooms and the dens will have switched outlets and upgrade options to add a decorative surface mounted light in the ceiling.

The upper cabinets will include undercounter lights standard.

No. Seats to be provided by the residents.

Master bathrooms will include a shower door. Secondary bathrooms will include a shower rod. A shower door can be added via personalizations.

The North wing storage is located in the basement. On the South wing, the storage is on the wing at the same location as the upper floors.

Personalization Questions

There will be a lot more detail coming related to customization choices and opportunities. While specifics are not yet known, choices are expected to be in cabinet color, flooring material, wall color, carpet choice, kitchen and bathroom countertops, etc. We will create a display of these choices and will be inviting you back to learn more.

Reconfiguration of interior apartment spaces will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately, changes to the building exterior will not be allowed.

Unfortunately, changes to exterior fenestration will not be allowed.

Half baths can be omitted via personalization but plumbing rough-ins must remain.

The second sink can be omitted via personalization but plumbing rough-ins must remain.

Currently, each apartment will have showers included in all full bathrooms.  There may be an opportunity for an upgrade option to substitute a shower for a bathtub.

Aside from outlets that will serve appliances, building code governs standard outlet placement and spacing. Residents can add additional outlets via personalization.

Apartments will be typically outfitted with junction boxes for ceiling-mounted fixtures (fans and/or lights) in bedrooms, dens, living rooms and some dining areas. The fixture(s) can be added, and the locations can be altered via personalization.

The island in apartment 2B is approximately 3′-1″ deep by 6′-2″ long. The island is 2C is approximately 3′-1″ deep and 5′-9″ long. These island dimensions are subject to change. Island upgrades can be considered in personalizations.

These can be changed via personalization, but will be dependent on the existing infrastructure and clearances of the surrounding walls.

Unfortunately, no changes to exterior fenestration will be allowed.

Personalizations will not be included in the entrance fee. There will be no credit for the deductive personalizations, but there will be charges to return the apartment to the standard design at the end of the residency.

Yes as part of personalizations. After the completion of the building, you can change the mirror out for a minor additional cost.

Standard tubs can be installed in the second bathrooms via personalizations. Walk-in tubs will not be allowed due to maintenance problems that these units cause.

Contract, Pricing & Benefits Questions

  • Waiver of 2nd person entrance fee of $25,000
  • Apartment Personalization Credit of $3500
  • Chef’s table credit of $750 (personalized dinner courtesy of Oak Trace chef)
  • Parking fees waived (both initiation and monthly fee) – $15,000
  • Smooth Move Benefit of $5000 (to assist with moving process)
  • Spa credit of $300
  • Interest earned on reservation deposit – to be deducted from the first month’s monthly service fee
  • Ability to move into Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing if needed prior to the new building opening, fees to be honored at the life care rate (entrance fee and monthly fee due)

In total, the new entrance fee pricing of the Oak Trace redevelopment is nearly $2.8 million less than the previous project. As a result of the improved price, we could no longer honor that benefit.

Miscellaneous Questions

Yes, we do require depositor screening prior to move-in; the medical screening is primarily for your safety as independent living residents must be able to practice the activities of daily living (a.k.a. ADLs). Should you need a higher level of care prior to the new building opening, Oak Trace will honor your life care rate and contract pending payment of the entrance fee and monthly fee.

The website address is: You can also find the Oak Trace expansion marketing page here: